More Pictures…


The sea 200m below

The path down to the water at the edge of Björn Ranelid’s orchard

Our sign by the road

Older apple orchard

Modern trellis cultivation

Vitemölla’s vast beaches.

Struggling old men with Vrakekan in Kivik’s harbor.

Vitemölla’s white beaches

Calm and nice on Österlen. One of the last eel fishermen does not stress.

Spring in the beech forest

The wind creates cool impressions on the beach.

Evening sailing with one of the four culture boats on Österlen.

In the evening sun with Klara Marie from Skillinge.

The sea off the coast of Vitemölla

A trip with Skånska Järnvägars steam locomotive starting from Brösarp.

Action outside Stenshuvud

Ice winter in Vitemölla. The sun is shining but bitterly worse.