We are a middle-aged couple with roots in Österlen and three out-of-town children, so the guesthouse we built was often empty. We thought it was a bit sad so therefore we are now rent out so more people can have the opportunity to live in this in our opinion fantastic place.
We have lived on the property ourselves for over 35 years and it is well maintained and fresh and is in our opinion “connoisseur” in one of the best places on Österlen. Next to orchards, the sea and nature but still close to most things.
Still runs a slimmed-down IT company and also deals with tourism in Österlen with the portal www.osterlen.com. No business is conducted on the property so it is quiet and nice.
We are both a bit “omnivorous” in our interests so it is all about nature, culture, history, interior/design and a lot of hobby and vintage vehicles.


We take care to keep our guest house in proper condition so we hope to welcome responsible guests.

Welcome to book your Österlen stay in the guesthouse at Kurragömma!
(Yes, the property is called that…)
Booking request via email or phone.


Contact info

Alf och Kerstin Hansson
070 320 80 52
Karakåsvägen 12
277 35 Kivik